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The term Pest Control refers to the killings and control of species, like insects, animals, birds, etc. that are pernicious to human health, crops, ecology, and environment. Since the very beginning of the history, the farmers and people have been using many means to control pests. It provides better products and outcomes and ensures optimum production after pest control. In the ancient times, people used to use conventional approaches for pest control like killing or burning the birds, insects and such other pests. The use of cats for pest control was very rife among the people. In the UK, for the welfare of animals, psychological measures are used rather than destruction. Use of firearms is quite common for pest control in the British rural areas.  Farmers use air gun mostly to control pests like rabbits, crows, rats and squirrels in the restrictive areas like in homes.

Chemical control is one o the methods employed for pest control. It uses poisonous chemicals. In the 20th century, with the industrial and development, few insecticides like DDT, and herbicides gave pest control a new dimension. Nowadays, chemical pest control is one of the predominant types. Most of the pests are the cause of human activities. If we modify these effects, the better pest control can be ensured. The homeowners and other people may take the pest control services. Different services are available at different rates for pest control. Now after the introduction of Dengue mosquito, the spray is used to control these on a regular basis because dengue has killed many people and is believed to be a very pertinent mosquito for people. It usually inhibits in water areas and places, so drying is ensured in gardens, lawns and other places in homes. A pest control services usually deals with termites and ants that harm the building and other furniture in the home and ultimately causes the owner a great price for repair and reconstruction. So the absolute purpose of controlling pests is to make the areas and buildings safe where people live, work, play and sit. In this way, people remain safe from different diseases and phobias that they have from different insects. People may search the commercial services for pest control if they don’t already know about anyone. When you want to select a best pest repellent, take care about few things like what sort of pests you want to remove, the dangers associated with the pests and their severity. Most people find the sprays and other tropical lotions the best personal pest repellents to keep the bugs off the skin. People may easily buy different kinds of pest repellents from supermarkets, gardens centers, and other outdoor retailers. The products contain chemicals that keep the insects away from them.


Following types of pest control are available:

  1. Use of pest-destroying animals
  2. Biological pest control
  3. Mechanical pest control
  4. Physical pest control
  5. Elimination of breeding grounds
  6. Poisoned bait
  7. Field burning
  8. Sterilization
  9. Destruction of infected plants
  10. Natural rodent control